A Scandalous Affair - the secret love story of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy
"A Scandalous Affair" was first conceived as a labor of love by noted opera singer, Hallie Neill. After reading "Sweethearts," Neill was inspired to bring this story to the stage where MacDonald and Eddy's passionate love could burn in "real time."

Since launching in 2006, A Scandalous Affair has played to audiences across the country and received rave reviews for its captivating story and talented cast.

Neill and Lambrinos have received hundreds of fan letters from long-time fans of Jeanette and Nelson to those just learning about the story, including children discovering the music for the first time. This musical has meant so much to so many and continues to grow in popularity and size. It has even inspired one 11-year-old to one day become an opera singer herself!

Hallie Neill's script for "A Scandalous Affair" (2006) is inspired by the bestseller Sweethearts, by Sharon Rich (©2001), used with permission.

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