A Scandalous Affair - the secret love story of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy

"With magnificent voices and passionate characterization, Neill and Lambrinos brought 'A Scandalous Affair' to life and captured the hearts of the audience — who were humming along to most of the tunes!"

Kate Shaffer
Executive Director BCAF
(Mishler Theatre)


"The Original American Idols!"

"Hail to Hallie Neill for both her well scripted story and her incredible portrayal of one of the world’s most beautiful, lovable and talented leading ladies. Hallie has such a majestically powerful voice – and yet she reaches high notes with a precision that few performers can achieve today. Complimented by Theodore’s deep baritone voice, so smooth and powerful they create musical history the way it used to be done: au natural, without microphones or amplification!"

Dr. Dan Miller
Spotlight on Entertainment
WVOX Whitney Radio Media

"'A Scandalous Affair' was extremely well received here in Thomasville. The Board agrees that it was the most enjoyable and entertaining show that TEF has brought to our town in a long time. As playwright, director and singing actress, Hallie's enthusiasm for the story and the music; her up beat spirit and élan, coupled with consummate professionalism transformed the evening into a delightful and polished performance. I have an inkling of how rare and high a gift a great voice is, and we all thank both Hallie and Theodore for sharing their gifts with us!"

Charles Deal
Thomasville Entertainment Foundation
Vice President/Production Coordinator

Fan Letters Received from the Mishler Theatre Performance:

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I was at the performance of 'A Scandalous Affair' at the Mishler Theatre in Altoona. My son took us and we had a wonderful time. Jeanette and Nelson would be proud to know their story was being told so lovingly and with truth." — Eva, Patrick, Michelle and Susie Irwin

"I just wanted to tell you how wonderful and great your show was. My mother in-law and I saw your show in Altoona,Pa. March 13 2010. Both of you were wonderful. I really loved the songs and the parts where you both joked around. I really loved the gowns, but the last one that Hallie wore was beautiful. I just wanted to tell you how great the show was." — Laura Settle

Audience Reviews from the Players Club

"I love old movies and there was good word-of-mouth on this show,” said Charlotte, 22, a recent NYU grad. “I’m glad I came, this is a story that would appeal to anyone and it was really, really good. This show should be on Broadway."

"I thought it was absolutely fabulous, absolutely fabulous," added another young woman from Glen Head while waiting in line with other audience members to meet Hallie Neill and Theodore Lambrinos. "I remember Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, and this show tonight brought back wonderful memories of the two lovebirds and their sensational songs. It made me feel young again," said Sonia from the West Village.

"It was fabulous. I am so happy that I came here tonight. His (Theodore aka Nelson Eddy) Italian diction was perfect. That is why I kept saying Bravo, Bravo," said Josephine from Westchester.

"What a great story, I can’t believe it isn't on Broadway," said Jacob from Manhattan. Carol Shuttleworth, also from Manhattan and a longtime theatergoer and former UNICEF coordinator of Educational Programs, loved the performance and also asked when it would come to Broadway.

More Press...

"When today's popular culture follows the trials and travails of Britney and K-Fed, how refreshing to revisit the music and popularity of such giants of the silver screen as MacDonald and Eddy.

"The delight in this show comes in hearing two splendid singers tackling a catalog of classic songs. Neill and Lambrinos are well-matched both vocally and as actors. The couple, married in real life, bring a delightful chemistry to the stage – ironically creating more frisson than I ever recall seeing from MacDonald and Eddy!

"With her clarion, crisp soprano and his powerful rich baritone, Neill and Lambrinos hit all of the right emotional notes and "A Scandalous Affair" revels in the real legacy of MacDonald/Eddy: their music!"

Theodore Mahne
The Times-Pacayune, New Orleans

"I heartily recommend this thoroughly entertaining show. Fine acting, great singing, juicy bits of gossip and surprising Hollywood history!"

Dennis Assaf, Artistic Director
Westwego Performing arts Center, New Orleans

"Opera singers with a great gift for comedy -- I am happy to recommend this captivating show to audiences of all ages!"

Robin Stamper, General Director
Nevada Opera Fundraiser Concert

"Engaging performers with an infectious humor makes for a most memorable experience!"

Maestro Anton Coppola, Conductor

"Ms. Neill's stunningly beautiful voice is pure, free and silvery, even at its very top!"

Trenton Times

"Mr. Lambrinos' voice is resonant and resilient, and he is a powerful actor."

Boston Globe

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